"Curling Manager has helped with sending out communications, it is quick for a large group and you can send it to different groups. Members can go on and get full schedules or just their schedules. Members can go on and change their information if it changes without going through the office. Calendar is easy to read and update. Convenors are able to update results quickly for everyone to see. I believe it is user friendly especially for non-computer people."

Alison Goring
Oshawa Curling Club

"Curling Manager is a fantastic piece of software that has been designed to cater to all the needs of your Club. I am completely satisfied with the product and recommend it to any curling club that is looking to streamline the way they do business."

"In the past registration at our club was an absolute nightmare, and the regular turnover of our membership chair made it even more complicated. With Curling Manager you can get rid of your old registration forms and have your members register online. In year two, registration is as easy as clicking renew; and the fact that each member edits their own profile means that the club always has current membership information."

"It is important to communicate with your membership, and Curling Manager gives you the ability to mass email your members with just a few clicks. Curling Manager allows you to target specific groups within your membership to communicate with; our convenors now have the ability to email their leagues with pertinent information; our board can email members based on certain demographics. The "Emailer" is truly a fantastic tool."

"Not only does Curling Manager run your league schedules and standings, it becomes your calendar and your newsletter. We have 12 local businesses advertising on our website which more than covers the low cost of Curling Manager. We no longer print membership directories as members can now view it online and print it if they wish; another savings to the club. Curling Manager has not only paid for itself, it is making us money."

"If you have any questions on how the Cornwall Curling Centre has integrated Curling Manager into our club, I would be more than happy to speak with you."

John Wright
Cornwall Curling Centre

"So, I'm assuming you're reading this because you want to know what a real-time user thinks about Curling Manager!"

"I'm assuming you're looking for a program that can host your website, collect some member data and as the title suggests, act as a Curling Manager for your club."

"I'm assuming you're looking to make life easier for yourself as the webmaster, club manager or one of the league convenors."

"Well, look no further... matter of fact you can stop reading any further as well and just click on the "Sign-up" at the top of the page because that's what I am recommending."

"This might be one of the easiest to use web interfaces I have come across in 30 years of computing. Did I need 30 years of experience to run the program... well if I'm being honest every little bit helps, but I can guarantee that you require little computer training to be able to get your club up and running in a minimum amount of time."

"Take our own site, wncc.ca for example. We are a membership that was without a club around the middle of August. We had no ice... we had no members... we had no website... we had nothing except the desire to curl this year. Since then we have formed a new club, and are a ring paint and a few floods away from sliding and sweeping once again."

"There has been a lot of hard work to get us this far, but I personally can attest to the fact that it was Curling Manager that allowed us to get there in record speed. Go ahead, go to wncc.ca ... because what you see in addition to what you can't see in the Members Section was accomplished in no less than 1/4 the time had I put it together in the traditional way. Let me qualify that! I could not have done many of the things that were so easy to do given the interface you are provided right from the start."

"I have never had such brilliant service as I have received from Bona Lea, the developer of Curling Manager. Whether it was from my early questions regarding setup to recent modifications we requested, she has been a service guru!"

"Oh yeah... what do we like about the program? Was it the online member registration that even our proclaimed non-computerites breezed through? Was it the Taylor-made colour schemes Bona Lea set up for us within hours of purchasing the program? Or maybe it was the Club Calendar and League sections that promise to keep all our curlers up to date this season? And what about the News section that was so easy to set up and use?"

"Or, was it the various levels of site administration that allowed me to do what I have to do as a site administrator while at the same time being able to allow four other different members to undertake what would normally be the daunting tasks of Registration, League Convenor or Rental Manager etc.... all in a problem-free fashion?"

"You have to believe me when I say that this testimonial is brief compared to what it could or should be... because in my opinion..."

"Curling Manager is an absolutely wonderful internet interface that no curling club should be without!"

Dan Milligan
West Northumberland Curling Club

"Curling Manager has given our club so many extras compared to our previous two web providers. Having the ability to pull membership and individual league reports whenever we want is a big advantage. We can retrieve membership status, league numbers, even who is new to the club. We did on-line membership renewal for the first time. It went very smoothly, and saved hours of time for both the renewing members, the League Convenors and the Membership Committee."

"The e-mail feature is a big help as it allows us to only e-mail the league participants we need to communication with, instead of having to always send e-mails to every member of the club."

"Also, being able to link news headlines on the Home page to the News Story page keeps the Home page neat, tidy and uncluttered. Gives a good first impression to potential new members."

Pauline Orpwood, Chairperson
Member Attraction & Retention Committee
Brampton Curling Club